Ripe & Ready Avocados

Nouvelle has partnered with the local avocado cummunity to bring ripe-and-ready avocados to our client base. We draw fruits from various orchards across the country and which are situated in different climates. This has allowed us to stretch the availability of local fruit to almost 11 months of the year.


Since it is critical to us to guarantee supply of the highest quality fruits for 12 months of the year we do import fruits from Spain when the local community is not able to supply.


This initiative has been exceptionally succesful with Nouvelle Fresh now supplying all Kauai stores in both Western Cape and Gauteng with its ripe-and-ready T22 size (4 kg box). The same success has been achieved with the “pizza” size T16’s which the company supplies to almost all col’cacchio stores in both the western Cape and Gauteng.


Our “Woolworths” standards guarantee minimum waste to our clients.


Order before 15h00 and next day delivery guaranteed!

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011 390 2367

Western Cape:


021 887 5593