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Speciality Leaves

Speciality Leaves

Packaging: 20g – 30g container


These can be either pre-mixed or delivered as a single product. You can also make up your own mix.


Blood Sorrel Leaves, Bronze Fennel Fronds, Buckler Sorrel Leaves Butterfly Sorrel Leaves, Butterfly Sorrel Large Red Leaves, Butterfly Sorrel Micro Red Leaves, Butterfly Sorrel Micro Green/Peach Leaves, Celery with roots, Chick Pea Leaves, Clover Sorrel Leaves, Fennel Fronds, Ice Leaves, Lemon Balm Leaves, Lemon verbena leaves, Nasturtium Leaves – micro , Nasturtium Leaves – large, Oyster Leaf Leaves, Pak Choi Leaves, Purslane, Rainbow Sage, Red Chard Leaves, Samphire, Shiso Green Leaves, Shiso Red Leaves, Ta Chai Leaves, Tagette Leaves

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Weight 350 g