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Truffle Oil

Truffle Oil

Packaging options: 50ml and 250ml


The Truffle is a gourmet food that ranks alongside caviar and saffron in price, rarity and mystique. The exclusive black truffle originated in France and has recently become a lucrative agricultural crop in many parts of the world. Farmers in the US, Australia, Chile, Spain, New Zealand, England and now South Africa are putting in plantations of this high-value, low-volume fungus for export to Europe, U.S. and Asia.


Truffle oil is used to flavour a range of dishes, either on its own or together with fresh truffles. It is most popular in simple pasta, egg and potato dishes, but is also widely used to bind flavours in more complex dishes, such as roast chicken and steak. Truffle oil can also be used in vinaigrette for salads that contain assertive greens, strong cheeses and smoked or cured meats.


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